How to Prepare the Ground before Laying Turf – Johannesburg

If the soil’s poor you can import some new soil and this can be spread over the garden before the turf is laid. If the lawn is going to join up on a pathway, you need to make sure that the soil is level with the path. Once the soil’s been tipped in piles over the garden, it can then be raked level.

This area has been rotovated and because the soil isn’t very good quality, we’re adding a little more good quality topsoil to it. When different soils got good quality after rotovating, it’s quite okay to rake this area and then lay the turf straight on top.

Sometimes to firm the soil you can use a roller; but another method, if the area’s not too big, is to walk on it like this, to heal the ground in and make it firm. After the ground has been firmed, it then gets a final rake just to get it as level and smooth as possible. You’ll know that the ground is just right when you step on it, and it just leaves a footprint but no more.

A pre-turfing fertilizer should be applied to the soil before you lay the turf. This will encourage the turf to root more quickly. The pre-turfing fertilizer is a granular product and should be scattered evenly on the soil before the turf is laid. A pre-turfing fertilizer is normally provided free of charge from us.

As soon as the preparation is finished, you can order your turf from us. Or we can do the prep for you! We have a range of good quality turfs, ranging from hard wearing family garden turf, to ornamental gardens.